How To Choose the Perfect Media Console Style for Your Space

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How To Choose the Perfect Media Console Style for Your Space

What is the focal point of your living room or basement? The entertainment center, of course! Just think about how many times your family has gathered in front of it for a movie night or TV dinner, and you’ll know it’s true. Knowing this, you should put some thought into choosing the right piece for the room. Here’s how to choose the perfect media console style for your space.

Consider Different Designs

Before you set your heart on a specific media console, there are a few things you should consider. One of these considerations is the different design options available for media consoles. Do you want a basic console on which you can place your TV and a few other units? Or would you prefer a larger, full entertainment unit where you can store all your electronics, gaming devices, DVDs, and more? Some of these consoles, built more like cabinets than tables, have extra drawers for storage around and beneath where the TV goes or doors that can cover the TV when it’s not in use. Consider your options and decide which style is best for your space.

Pick the Right Size

When choosing a media console, it’s also quite important to pick the right size. To do so, you’ll need to factor in the sizes of two things: your space and your TV. Measure the wall against which you’ll place the console to find out what size it can accommodate. Your piece should be large enough for your TV and needs, but not so small or large that it overwhelms or gets lost in the room. To determine the size of your TV, measure diagonally, then horizontally across the screen. Ideally, your console should be two or more inches longer than the length of your TV. Pick something too small, and the whole setup will look off.

Decide on a Style

Once you’ve decided on the type and size of your media console, it’s time to consider different styles. Would you like one made of wood, metal, or another material altogether? Do you want a classic, vintage media console or one that gives off modern vibes? To help you decide, look around your room at the styles that are already present and try to choose a console that matches or complements those styles. Don’t be afraid to choose one with a little personal flair!

Following these guidelines on how to choose the perfect media console style for your space will help you find the perfect addition to your living room or other areas of your home. As you choose, don’t forget to consider Vintage Mill Werks’ selection of handmade, wooden media consoles in all styles—one of these could be just right for you.