How To Incorporate Farmhouse Style in Your Traditional Home

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How To Incorporate Farmhouse Style in Your Traditional Home

If you’re a fan of the cozy yet classic and tasteful aesthetic in homes, you’d probably appreciate farmhouse style. Even if you don’t live in the country, farmhouse style is still a great one to try, and it will look good in almost any home. Want to give it a shot? Here’s how to incorporate farmhouse style in your traditional home.

Repaint the House and Furniture

When you live in a traditionally styled, furnished home, it’s doubtful that you’ll want to completely start over with a whole new house or all new furniture. Luckily, you don’t have to. To incorporate farmhouse style into your home, try repainting the walls with a neutral color from the farmhouse palette. You can also repaint any wood furniture you already have in your home with a color that better fits with the farmhouse scheme. For example, white is a good option. You’d be surprised at how a new coat of paint can transform a piece.

Add Some Farmhouse Pieces

Alternatively, if you like your old pieces the way they are and have the money to invest, you can purchase some new pieces of furniture to fit with the farmhouse style. Sometimes, all you need to start adding that farmhouse flair to a room is one big piece—such as a farmhouse style dining tableor a simple but cozy couch in the living room. Because of their simple, classic appearances, farmhouse pieces like these will help you bridge the gap between the traditional and farmhouse styles.

Incorporate Farmhouse Décor

A traditional home can be completely transformed with some farmhouse style decorations. Experiment with adding antique farmhouse signs, neutral-colored rugs or throw pillows, and natural elements such as plants. A good way to mix traditional and farmhouse style is to incorporate both old and new décor. This will give your home a vintage look without its feeling dated. You may already have potential decorations laying around your home, and you can always supplement them with items you find the next time you visit a thrift shop!

It’s not hard to learn how to incorporate farmhouse style in your traditional home. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint, a few good pieces of farmhouse style furniture, or some classic farmhouse décor. The changes you make can be as big or as little as you like. It’s your home, so do whatever it takes to make it someplace you feel comfortable in.