How to Mix Different Furniture Styles the Right Way

How to Mix Different Furniture Styles the Right Way
How to Mix Different Furniture Styles the Right Way

There are so many styles of furniture and home decorations that it’s hard to choose one. So, you shouldn’t constrain yourself to a single type of décor. There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching different styles in one place. You just need to know how to mix different furniture styles the right way.

Choose Your Styles

Start by identifying the styles that you want in a room. Every style has a few unique qualities, and you want to recognize them. That way, you won’t lose them when mixing the styles, as they’re what makes each one meaningful. Try to choose aesthetics that have non-clashing qualities to come up with the best results.

Pick a Theme

You should have something that you can refer to when choosing your furniture. Otherwise, you’re much more likely to choose furniture that doesn’t fit the room. Picking a theme is a great way to tie your room together and make sure that you have consistent furniture choices.

Match the Colors

When you’re picking the furniture, you should stick to the same color scale. Many hues clash and overpower each other, which is why you should limit yourself to just a few that blend and mesh well.

Balance the Size

Many furniture styles have different sizes for their items. A chair in one style might be much smaller than that of another. This can cause a lot of wacky sizing issues in a room and throw it completely off balance. A good way to get around this is to get custom-made wood furniture that can fit your aesthetic while being the size you need.


Some people like to choose one piece of furniture that breaks these other rules to make it the centerpiece of their room. A large chair or intricate dining room table can draw the eyes and change the whole feel of a room. Just try to limit it to one centerpiece so that you don’t overcrowd the area.

These tips on how to mix different furniture styles the right way should help you build a unique home for yourself. It’ll be one that you can be proud of and live in for a long time.