How To Oil and Preserve Handcrafted Wood Furniture

How To Oil and Preserve Handcrafted Wood Furniture
How To Oil and Preserve Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Handcrafted wood furniture is just about the most traditional kind of furniture. You can find it in all kinds of styles, such as vintage-style bedroom furniture. You need to keep up with the maintenance of such furniture, though. Otherwise, it won’t age well, and you’ll need to replace it after a while. To help prevent that, follow this guide on how to oil and preserve handcrafted wood furniture.

Dust and Dirt

Every piece of furniture will collect dust and dirt over time. However, this can be harmful and damaging—especially to wood furniture. Clean off your furniture regularly. If it’s really dirty, do a deep clean.

Gentle Use

One way to preserve your furniture is to prevent damage before it occurs. Place objects on your furniture carefully to prevent scratches. Set down coasters to prevent water damage from drinks or food. Invest in furniture coverings, such as sheets of fabric, to help protect your furniture.

Fix Fast

Damaging wood furniture is inevitable. Constant use and accidents will eventually wear down your furniture. Whenever you see such damage, fix it as quickly as possible. Leaving it for later only means the damage will spread and you’ll have to fix more of it.


Wood needs oil to stay healthy. Ignoring it will dry up the wood and cause a lot of damage over time. That’s why you should apply oil to your furniture twice a year or whenever it seems really dry. You can also apply wax, which will help the protective layer on the furniture.

Environment Control

A lot of environmental factors can damage furniture if you aren’t careful. Some major things to look out for include direct sunlight and humidity. Sunlight will drain the color from your furniture and humidity will damage the wood. Rapid temperature change will do the same.

As you can see, knowing how to oil and preserve your handcrafted wood furniture is necessary because of all the risks they come with.