How To Properly Mix Wood Tones and Finishes

How To Properly Mix Wood Tones and Finishes
How To Properly Mix Wood Tones and Finishes

There’s something exciting about decorating your home. With decorations, it becomes a welcoming place for your family and guests and allows you to express your sense of style. If you choose to furnish and decorate your home with wooden pieces, you’ll need to know how to properly mix wood tones and finishes. Follow this guide to doing so, and your home will be beautifully decorated in no time!

Determine Your Dominant Tone

Before adding new wood elements to your home, determine the dominant tone of the wood already in your home. This might be the color of your floors, kitchen, cabinetry, or a large piece of wooden furniture such as a dining room table. Once you’ve determined the dominant color of the wood in your home, you can pick other wood pieces accordingly.

Pick Contrasting Wood Pieces

Now, about mixing wood tones. You don’t need to pick wood furniture that matches your dominant tone exactly. In fact, you probably shouldn’t; too much wood of the same color can leave your home setup looking flat. Rather, choose two or three contrasting wood tones per room to complement one another. For example, if your flooring is a darker color, choose a lighter color for other furniture in the room.

Pay Attention To Undertones

Although contrasting tones of wood are encouraged, you should always make sure to pay attention to the undertones of the woods you choose. Choose shades of wood in either warm tones or cool to increase the room’s uniformity.

Choose Similar Finishes

To further aid uniformity, choose wood pieces with similar finishes. Their textures and appearances should match, or at least look similar enough that they won’t clash and distract from one another. To give your wood pieces a bit more variety, try experimenting with different grain sizes.

Soften the Look With Textiles

Add rugs, pillows, or other textiles to your home to soften up the appearance of all your wood. These will also add some extra color to your room, giving it a homey and inviting feel.

Following these tips will help you to decorate your home like a pro. If you need advice on how to properly mix wood tones and finishes, Vintage Mill Werks is here to help. After all, our specialty is handcrafted wood furniture. We offer many different tones and finishes in our furniture, so you’re sure to find something beautiful for any room in your home.