Simple Ways To Pet-Proof Furniture in Your Home

Simple Ways To Pet-Proof Furniture in Your Home
Simple Ways To Pet-Proof Furniture in Your Home

Pets are adorable and a great addition to your family, but they’re undeniably destructive. Especially if you’re the owner of a young puppy or kitten, the risk of your furniture getting slashed, chewed, or peed on is quite high. These four simple ways to pet-proof furniture in your home will help you protect your furniture and keep it safe from harm.

Choose Easy To Clean Materials

If you have a pet and you’re purchasing a new piece of furniture, select a piece that is crafted from easy-to-clean materials. For soft furniture, leather and leather-like materials are easy to wipe down should they become dirty or covered in hair. Microfiber is also quite easy to maintain. Be mindful of the material you choose and how resistant it is to smells, stains, and hair.

Make Sure Furniture Is Durable

In addition to choosing an easy-to-clean material, you should also pick furniture that you know is durable. If you have a cat that likes to scratch, choose low pile rugs and upholstered furniture to avoid snags from claws. If you have wood furniture in your home, ensure that it is made of a durable wood that can withstand scratching and chewing from your pets. If you know that your wood can’t hold up to those attacks, add a strong, protective finish to its surface or cover the legs of your wooden furniture with durable material like rope until your pet outgrows that habit.

Use Sprays To Deter Your Pet

If you have a puppy who loves to chew, your best bet may be to use a chewing deterrent spray to protect your furniture from your pet. Simply spray the deterrent on areas where your puppy tends to chew, and the taste will help teach them that it’s a bad idea. It’s best to test any sprays on an unnoticeable section of the furniture first, and keep in mind that you’ll likely need to reapply often.

Add a Protective Cover

Another simple way to pet-proof furniture in your home is to add protective covers to any pieces you’re concerned about. Slipcovers are readily available for chairs and couches and will help you manage pet hair and clean your furniture easily. Alternatively, you can place a blanket on your furniture to fulfill the same purpose. For wood furniture, consider adding a protective finish or a plastic or glass covering to keep your furniture in top condition.

If you’re a pet owner who is on the lookout for wood furniture, it’s best to go with quality pieces. Purchasing durable handmade wood furniture will lessen your chances of destruction by your pet. Here at Vintage Mill Werks, it’s our pleasure to provide you with furniture that will withstand both the test of time and your pets.