Solid Wood Furniture: The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

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Solid Wood Furniture: The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

When buying furniture for your home, we always seems to be caught in a tossup between choosing a piece that looks great in the home and choosing one that will last. Why is it that so many attractive pieces are made of plywood? But rest assured, there is a solution! We’re here today to teach you why solid wood furniture is the perfect blend of style and function for your home.


Are you looking for something modern? Traditional? Perfect for your farmhouse-style home or beach house? Chances are that you can find a solid wood piece that fits your look. Solid wood furniture comes in a variety of styles, and depending on how they’re carved and shaped, two pieces made of the exact same material can give off completely different vibes. Solid wood furniture is also versatile in the sense that nearly any piece can be made from the material—you could choose to purchase a solid wood media console, dining room table, desk, or any other type of furniture for your home.

Built to Last

Have you ever walked into an antique shop and found a solid wood piece that was over 100 years old and hardly the worse for wear? That’s because solid wood is a very durable material, and solid wood furniture is built to last. If you’re on a tight budget, wood veneer or laminate furniture may look the part, but these items are built for looks, not versatility, and will begin to fall apart over time. In contrast, quality solid wood furniture will last you a lifetime and beyond.

Highly Customizable

Have you inherited a durable but ugly solid wood piece from a distant relative, or are you tired of the solid wood pieces you already have in your home? Good news—you don’t have to scrap it. Since solid wood is such a durable material, it’s also highly customizable. So long as you know what you’re doing, it’s easy to paint an old solid wood piece a different color or give it a new finish. That new look can completely transform the piece of furniture and make it a great fit for your home.

In all these ways, solid wood furniture is the perfect blend of style and function. Want to add a beautiful solid wood piece to your collection? With our wide selection of solid wood farmhouse-style furniture, Vintage Mill Werks is the perfect place to shop. Check out our collection today!