Top Dining Room Design Tips

Top Dining Room Design Tips
Top Dining Room Design Tips

So you’ve just moved into a new house and need to furnish your dining room. Or perhaps you didn’t have a dining room before and have decided to add one. Where to start? Our top dining room design tips will guide you on your way to designing a beautiful dining room that fits with your home and style.

Choose the Colors

Before you even think about adding furniture to your dining room, consider what color scheme you’ll want. If the current color scheme isn’t what you want, you may need to repaint, add wallpaper or a rug, or even redo the flooring. When deciding on colors for your dining room, consider the color and style of the furniture you’d want to furnish it with and choose something that will match nicely.

Remember the Function of Your Dining Room

How you plan to use your dining room will influence its design. Will you be eating in your dining room for every meal? Will you be using it exclusively for special events such as holidays or parties? Your answers to those questions should help you determine your setup, including how fancy the room will be and what kind of furniture you’ll need.

Choose Pieces of Furniture That Complement Each Other

When choosing your dining room furniture, you’ll want to choose pieces that go well with one another and the room as a whole. If the room’s look is entirely traditional and the chairs alone appear like modern art, they’ll look a bit out of place! While the individual elements of your dining room—the table, chairs, decorations, and lighting—don’t need to come from a set, they should be similar enough in style to avoid thematic clashing.

Add a Sideboard or Hutch for Storage and Display

If you have the space for it, add a sideboard or hutch along the dining room wall for an additional decorative touch. It’ll make the room look a little fancier and act as storage and display your extra dishes and dining supplies. A farmhouse sideboard with a hutch is a beautiful option for any dining room.

If you follow the above top dining room design tips, you’ll have created your dream dining room in no time. If you’re considering adding a new handcrafted hardwood piece to your dining room furnishings, be sure to give Vintage Mill Werks a call. We’ll provide you with the perfect new piece for your dining room.