Caring For Handmade Real Wood Furniture Will Ensure Its Timelessness

Caring For Handmade Real Wood Furniture Will Ensure Its Timelessness
Caring For Handmade Real Wood Furniture Will Ensure Its Timelessness

The allure of furniture made from real wood is something that is intrinsically American. Families gathered around dining tables that were built by a great grandfather, or brought over perhaps from Europe as a treasured family heirloom, is part of the collective memory rooted in the foundation of our country’s history.

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Furniture was once entirely made by hand, lumber harvested and milled, shaped and formed into hutches, wardrobes, tables and chairs. The art of making furniture that has been passed down through generations, is now enjoying a modern resurgence as consumers turn from mass produced products back to quality, real wood items.

Real wood furniture has a reputation for being hardy, sturdy, and virtually indestructible. If you take care of your real wood furniture, it will be around for many generations to come. Fortunately, whether they are polished and shiny or weathered and rustic, there are a few tips to keep these timeless pieces in great shape.

If the piece is finished in a wood varnish, then it is typically tough and resistant to spills and scratches. Caring for a varnished piece of furniture is as easy as regular dusting and light wiping with a polish or cleaner intended for safe varnish maintenance. It’s best to not expose your varnished, stained, painted, or natural wood furniture to harsh chemicals that can cause damage to its finish. 

All types of wood furnishings respond to changes in temperature and humidity by slightly expanding and contracting.  Perfect humidity ranges fall typically between 30 to 45 percent, while a temperature between 60 to 80 degrees is ideal for furniture to remain strong and free from mildew and mold that may eventually damage the finished wood.

If your finished furniture is used a lot, such as a dining table, it can be wise to keep the highly trafficked surface covered to prevent scratching and damage from liquids. However, if your furniture is more of a vintaged and weathered look, then the more lived on the better.  Character comes from the use of the furniture, and a well loved piece can be an exhibit of memories made.

Vintage Mill Werks hand crafts heirloom wood furnishings that work with any style and decor.  The quality of their pieces of furniture make them easy to care for, and perfect for passing down through generations of family.  Choosing to purchase handmade real wood furniture is a choice to add a piece of livable art to your home, one to be cared for and cherished for years to come.

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