Essential Living Room Furniture

Essential Living Room Furniture
Essential Living Room Furniture

Purchasing a home or renting an apartment for the first time is a major life accomplishment. It’s an exciting time in your life but once you’re ready to move-in, you quickly realize there are various things you have left to do. Furnishing and decorating is one of the important ones. To make things simpler, use this essential living room furniture guide as your checklist. Once you have each of these items, your new place will officially become “home-sweet-home.”

Seating Options

The first thing you want to take care of is your seating options. Are you planning on getting a large sectional couch to curve around your space? Or did you want to go with a couch and loveseat combo? Deciding what kind of seating you’ll provide will help set the tone for your entire living room. It will make the rest of your furnishing efforts easy.

Tables and More Tables

Though it’s not the dining room, your living room can benefit from several different table options. For example, you may choose to get a matching coffee and end table set. This will bring a consistent design to your space. Be sure to choose an option that matches the aesthetic you’re trying to create.

Media Consoles

Media consoles aren’t just for storing electronics and carrying your television; they can be used as a creative feature to decorate your living room. You can go for a modern look using consoles made from different metal or glass materials. For a more rustic feel, choose from different wood options.

Here at Vintage Mill Werks, we carry vintage-inspired solid wood media consoles. These go great in any space and act as the ultimate focal point. Your home won’t be complete without one.


The last and final piece of essential furniture you need is decoration. Though it doesn’t serve any specific function, your décor is as important as your furniture. How you choose to decorate can improve the overall look and feel of your space.

You can decorate with items such as art pieces, picture frames, light fixtures, and plants. Be selective and cohesive with the items you choose.

These essential living room furniture items will create the space you need to feel right at home. For all your other furniture needs, explore our wide handcrafted selections. From our dining room table options to our beautifully detailed media consoles, Vintage Mill Werks can provide your home with beautiful solid wood furniture pieces.

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