Modern Farmhouse Styled Furniture

Vintage Mill Werks Designs and Produces Modern Farmhouse styled Furniture. VMW has been handcrafting quality Solid Wood furniture for over 35 years and Proudly Made In The USA.

We start by sourcing only FSC Certified Douglas Fir and Pine. Each plank of timber is selected by hand for grain pattern, texture, and color based on the order requirements. The rough mill process involves matching planks and high pressure clamping to produce a solid slab of timber. We create our Solid Wood slabs by hand-selecting each individual planks for texture and pattern. We then hand plan and sanded each slab so each as to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. In our assembly department, each individual customer orders are assigned to one of our three journeymen furniture maker who handcrafts each piece from start to finish. We also offer quite a bit of customization within our designs allowing for any of our pieces to be made to your desired size or configurations.

Our furniture is proudly produce by hand and each piece is made for you specifically. Vintage Mill Werks is a family-owned and operated woodworking facility Hand Crafting 100% Solid Wood Furniture. VMW’s manufacturing principals are centered on sustainable and are environmentally responsible. As a Boutique Furniture Manufacturer, we have the ability to customize any of our designs. We are more than happy to hear your ideas and discuss what we can make for you.

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