How to Decide If You Should Paint or Stain Wooden Furniture

How to Decide If You Should Paint or Stain Wooden Furniture
How to Decide If You Should Paint or Stain Wooden Furniture

When you set out to revamp an older piece of wooden furniture, one major decision you’ll have to make is whether you should paint or stain the wood. Check out this guide on how to decide if you should paint or stain wooden furniture to make the right choice.

Examine the wood material

The first thing you should do when you’re deciding between painting or staining older wood furniture is examine the wood material. Check to ensure the piece uses the same type of wood throughout. If a piece uses multiple types of wood—for example, oak and maple—then painting it is best. Pieces that use multiple woods present a problem with staining because every wood takes to stain differently and won’t look exactly the same. Paint will cover all surfaces with ease. In pieces with only one wood material, stain or paint will work equally well.

Look for damage

Checking the wood for signs of damage is the next step in the journey. When you’re working with vintage wood furniture, the quality of the wood can vary greatly. Inspect your furniture for damage to the wood and decide if you can easily sand it out or if it’s a more complex flaw. Furniture pieces with mild to moderate flaws that you can sand out are great to stain—the right stain can cover the imperfections and make the item look new again. For furniture with severe flaws that you cannot easily fix by sanding, paint will better cover these issues and make the piece look new again.

Pay attention to the details

Something you should do throughout the entire process is pay attention to the details in the wood. If an item has a lot of intricate designs and carvings, then staining may not be the best choice. Removing the current stain from the small rivets and carvings can be extremely difficult. Painting is typically a better option for these types of furniture items because it can easily cover these small spaces.

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