Simple Rules for Arranging Furniture

Simple Rules for Arranging Furniture
Simple Rules for Arranging Furniture

Arranging the furniture in a room is an exciting endeavor and can make your home feel brand-new, but it can turn stressful when you think about all the layout possibilities. You might have heard so many rules about arranging furniture from family members or that friend who took one interior design class. The truth is that as long as you’re happy with the setup, it’s right. If you need a little guidance, check out these simple rules for arranging furniture.

Make sure area rugs are the right size

Rugs are stylish and cozy, but only when framed correctly for the room. Avoid the “flying carpet” look in your room by getting a rug that’s the right size. Many people fall into the trap of buying area rugs that are just too small for their spaces. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should be able to set at least two legs of each piece of furniture in the room on the rug. This way, the rug will frame the setup rather than sit within it. An area rug can also create some room division by sectioning off certain parts of the room.

Avoid lining walls with furniture

Another good baseline to start with when you’re designing a room’s layout is to avoid lining the walls with furniture. Doing so can be temping because walls form a natural division in rooms. However, lining the walls with furniture can make a room look smaller and less stylish. This may be nearly unavoidable in smaller rooms, but try to be creative. For example, in a living room, consider placing a farmhouse media console diagonally across a corner and arrange your couch and chairs around that. This will prevent your couch from being flush with the wall and keep your setup interesting yet appealing and functional.

Consider how you’ll move through the room

Another simple rule for arranging furniture is to think about the traffic flow within a room. Set up your space how you like it, and then walk through it to do normal activities such as flipping on a light switch, grabbing a book, or making your way to another room to uncover any roadblocks along the way. Don’t create tight squeezes just to fit in an extra chair. Try to keep the windows clear and open, and allow enough room to use any doors.

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