Tips for Buying Wood Furniture

Tips for Buying Wood Furniture
Tips for Buying Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is one of the most timeless and stylish things you can put in your home. Quality wood furniture is long-lasting and may even turn into an heirloom piece you pass down for generations. When you’re setting out to buy wood furniture, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Check out these helpful tips for buying wood furniture.

Check Drawers and Cabinets

Before you buy wooden furniture, be sure to test any cabinet doors or drawers. Drawers should glide smoothly, and the construction should be solid. Cabinets should also open and shut easily and sit evenly and level when closed. While difficult drawers and crooked cabinets might sound like easy flaws to deal with, they will get tiring after a while and significantly decrease the value of the furniture.

Inspect It for the True Material

Inspect the piece to see what kind of wood furniture it is. Solid wood furniture is the highest quality and typically the most expensive. Particleboard is more affordable but is a low quality that won’t last nearly as long. Composite wood is a middle ground, but it still can’t compare to the luxury and style of solid, handmade wood furniture. Be sure to inspect the furniture, and don’t be afraid to ask the maker questions to get more information about the type of wood used, as this is also an important factor to keep in mind.

Consider Transportation

One tip for buying solid wood furniture is to consider how you plan to get it home. Opting for safe white-glove shipment is typically the best option. Solid wood furniture is extremely heavy and needs delicate handling so as not to scratch or damage it. Think about the size, shape, and intricate details in the wood before deciding to pick it up yourself. Moving blankets, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap are all necessary for moving quality pieces of solid wood furniture.

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