Tips for Mixing Wood Tones in a Room

mixing wood tones in a room
mixing wood tones in a roomWood flooring is one of the most desirable attributes of a home right now. Wood furniture never goes out of style, as well, and most furniture pieces feature some sort of wood accent, feet, or design element. Matching wood tones exactly can be nearly impossible for all the pieces in a room. Check out these tips for mixing wood tones in a room in a seamless way.

Pay attention to the undertones

When it comes to matching wood tones that aren’t the same, the undertones are crucial to pay attention to. There are many different wood tones that clash, and many that look amazing together—and the key to all of this is the undertones. Some woods have warm undertones with hints of yellow or red, while others have a grayer style or cool tones. Look closely at your wood items, and identify which have similar undertones. These should go in the same room, as woods with similar undertones should match well together.

Mix light and dark tones

Once you’ve identified the undertones of your wooden items, categorize which have a lighter stain and which have a darker one. It’s important not to keep all your tones light or all dark, as this can have a negative effect on the overall look of your room. If you have dark-toned flooring, consider lighter-toned wooden furniture. A good mix of light and dark in a room will help to balance the light reflection and tone of the home.

Have a variety of grain patterns

If all your wood pieces have the same type of grain pattern, your home can easily fall into the trap of looking fabricated. To keep an authentic, eclectic style, try to provide your home with a variety of grain patterns. For example, if your farmhouse sideboard with hutch has one grain pattern, then your flooring should have a different one. This can also help with maintaining balance within your home.

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