Top Tips for Selecting a Finish

Top Tips for Selecting a Finish
Top Tips for Selecting a Finish

Selecting a finish for a woodworking project or a custom piece of furniture you’re having made is one of the most difficult parts of the furniture selection process. The look of the entire piece of furniture is determined by what the finish looks like, both in its color and its application. Check out these top tips for selecting a finish.

Decide where the furniture piece will go

Placement of the piece of furniture you’re deciding on a finish for is essential to choosing the right finish. If you’re planning on placing the furniture outdoors, it will require an exterior finish. These are more resistant to humidity and weather conditions. If the piece will stay indoors, you will have a few more options with the finish type, including both interior and exterior finishes. Placement of the furniture also helps determine the hue of the finish. It should complete other elements present in the room. For example, if the wood finish of the interior flooring is a grey, hue then going with a cherry finish might not create a seamless look. Try to make your finish complement the other parts of the piece’s soon-to-be surroundings.

Look at many options and test a color first

Look at all your color options for a finish. Finish is available in many different colors, so go to a store and pick out a few of your favorites. Test the color on a piece of wood and see what it looks like in your home. This way, you will be sure you like the color in your home and not just in the store or online. Many people make the mistake of choosing a finish they love online or in a store and fail to take their own home color scheme and decor into account. Testing out the finish before having an entire piece of furniture, such as a handcrafted dining table that is a focal point of your home, covered in it can ensure you love your decision.

Listen to your gut when choosing a finish

You will know right away when looking or feeling a finish if you like it or not. If your gut tells you that it won’t look right in your home, listen to it. At the end of the day, professional opinions can only go so far. This piece of furniture will live in your home, and you will see it every day. You should make sure you love it before choosing a final finish.

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