Types of Wood: How to Choose the Best for Your Furniture

Types of Wood: How to Choose the Best for Your Furniture
Types of Wood: How to Choose the Best for Your Furniture

There are many types of wood used in furniture-making. Each is unique and has its own set of advantages. Check out this guide on the different types of wood and how to choose the best for your furniture when custom-designing a piece for your home.


Pine is a popular wood used in a lot of furniture. It is one of the most common woods used with rustic and farmhouse style furniture because of its lightweight quality. Pine wood comes from pine trees, which are native to North America and Europe. It is a naturally yellowish wood with characteristic knots. Pine is lighter weight than most woods, so it’s ideal for families that move around often because it’s is easier to lift and carry. It’s also a lower-cost wood that is still long-lasting.


Oak comes from oak trees, which are native to the United States. Oak wood ranges from a light brown to a reddish tone, with a swirled or striped grain. This type of wood is extremely durable and long-lasting. It’s a good choice to build furniture that sees a lot of use, such as a custom wood dining table. It works well with a versatile range of finishes, and it is ideal for building modern or traditional style furniture.


Birch wood is one of the most durable and strong hardwoods native to North America. It is a blonde color and is perfect for designing modern style furniture. Its grains are typically clean lines and simplistic in nature.


Walnut trees are also native to North America. Walnut wood is well known for its large burls in the grain. It is ideal for making intricate and ornate furniture because of its ability to hold its shape for many years without warping, fading, or succumbing to other common issues with hardwood furniture. Walnut wood is best for heirloom furniture and specialty carved pieces.


Maple wood is good for building items you’ll use every day, such as dressers, kitchen islands, and kitchen tables. While still very durable, maple is among the lower-cost hardwood materials. It’s a great option for young families and families with children, as the maple is durable enough to withstand the strain of children playing. It’s usually found in the Great Lakes region of the United States and has a hard-to-notice straight and fine grain.

Comparing the different types of wood and choosing the best for your furniture requires you to decide how much use it will get, your current and future living situation, and how often you foresee moving in the next few decades. Choosing a wood furniture material is a personal decision based on the advantages of each type of wood and which of them are the most important to your lifestyle and home. 

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